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September 20th

  • Japan's Medication list updated (no change), added substance check calculator

August (not a specific date)

  • Server started recording and calculating data for Adjusted Views on Kpop

July 15th

  • Full database download on Kpop data. Followers registration up to 75%

July 13th

  • Completely new Kpop section, improved filters and interface, merged list with visual list. 
  • New API support on Kpop page
  • New Followers data (registration at 40%) on Kpop

June 30th

June 29th

  • Tweaked priority order on how the server updates Youtube view counts to update less duplicates other than recent videos

June 26th

  • Removed K-Pop taste finder (never got much data for it to work) and added a new section, "Visual List", that allows you to see the thumbnails of every video of a particular artist.

June 25th

June 24th

  • Added a new Viewership per age on the Kpop trends page.

June 14th

  • Added release date range on Kpop statistics list, and date picker for "Today in Kpop". Also, fixed some minor bugs on the list generation and added a default 500 item limit to reduce client load.

June 13th

  • Improved some details and data on some Portuguese articles

June 11th

June 7th

June 5th

  • Improvements on K-Pop list code, fixed Collaboration list not adding views to artists

May 15th

April 28th

  • Started translation work to Portuguese on Kpop pages. Most is done except for parts generated by code.

April 26th

  • Added "Releases per month" on K-pop stats
  • Improved layout on JRPass Calculator and started preparing the forum system (yes, its coming)

April 24th

April 20th

  • Added Kpop History page with canvas rendering of the last year of K-Pop trends. Unfortunately the server was acquiring wrong information for Artists, so opening now only with Music.

April 18th

  • Complete review and re-write of The Dummy Framework documentation, and updated download links

April 17th

  • Tweaks and inter-links for some portuguese pages

April 16th

April 4th

2018 - January 20th

Dec 25th (yes, Christmas)

Dec 15th

Dec 5th

  • All game sections removed
  • Hanteo sales (kpop) removed

Sep 19th

  • Quick fix on "Transliteration from Romanji to Kana" where apostrophes were not working

Sep 16th

Sep 14th

Sep 12nd

Sep 2nd - 6th

Aug 29th

Aug 25th

Aug 24th

  • Tweaks on Games page.
  • Warning on Kpop that Hanteo list will go.

Aug 21th

  • Fix on dummy system (my page), which were causing some pages not to show
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