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What changed? check out in this page whenever I post or update a content.

NOTICE: Please note that most downloads will only work from links on my page (browser refferal needs to be to prevent hotlinking


  • Removed Honeypot from normal pages, left them only at index
  • Improved page loadtimes and fixed wrong caching module
  • Added "options" pane to K-Pop area
  • Added debut filter and tag on Browse videos and Today in Kpop
  • Fixed errors on internal dynamic config, but that reduced accuracy on some internal logs and statistics (which are displayed on some pages)

November 25th:

  • A long delayed full UI remake of the K-pop was completed. With multiple pages to lighten the client-side code and offer better disclaimers and explanations as suggested by users. Launched together with the UI remake were "This week in K-pop" and more transparency on how data is collected and handled. A planned "debut" marker on videos were delayed since not all artists have been checked.
  • Cron bot improved, added auto throttling to prevent being banned from Youtube, allowing it to update over 1400 videos a day.


  • Further tweaks to Kpop page, added static raw HTML versions
  • Added new bot to fetch GAON sales, further iteration with help of netizens into a perfect GAON analyzer only to conclude GAON is not really reliable
  • Changed sitemaps and robots to stop hammering index pages. If you google "daisuki" or "aoimirai" should no longer return my page (my pages are directly linked, the index is basically just a table of contents)
  • Tweaks on Youtube-view bot to try and have more videos updated per day
  • Tweaked API to focus on dynamic data, added HTML API, improved database download compatibility and added Gaon sum to it


  • I forgot to mention changes ... Redid the Kpop list system, improved all the server bots and updates to be better and prepare upcoming features, updates the Dummy download.

September 20th

  • Japan's Medication list updated (no change), added substance check calculator

August (not a specific date)

  • Server started recording and calculating data for Adjusted Views on Kpop

July 15th

  • Full database download on Kpop data. Followers registration up to 75%

July 13th

  • Completely new Kpop section, improved filters and interface, merged list with visual list. 
  • New API support on Kpop page
  • New Followers data (registration at 40%) on Kpop

June 30th

June 29th

  • Tweaked priority order on how the server updates Youtube view counts to update less duplicates other than recent videos

June 26th

  • Removed K-Pop taste finder (never got much data for it to work) and added a new section, "Visual List", that allows you to see the thumbnails of every video of a particular artist.

June 25th

June 24th

  • Added a new Viewership per age on the Kpop trends page.

June 14th

  • Added release date range on Kpop statistics list, and date picker for "Today in Kpop". Also, fixed some minor bugs on the list generation and added a default 500 item limit to reduce client load.

June 13th

  • Improved some details and data on some Portuguese articles

June 11th

June 7th

June 5th

  • Improvements on K-Pop list code, fixed Collaboration list not adding views to artists

May 15th

April 28th

  • Started translation work to Portuguese on Kpop pages. Most is done except for parts generated by code.

April 26th

  • Added "Releases per month" on K-pop stats
  • Improved layout on JRPass Calculator and started preparing the forum system (yes, its coming)

April 24th

April 20th

  • Added Kpop History page with canvas rendering of the last year of K-Pop trends. Unfortunately the server was acquiring wrong information for Artists, so opening now only with Music.

April 18th

  • Complete review and re-write of The Dummy Framework documentation, and updated download links

April 17th

  • Tweaks and inter-links for some portuguese pages

April 16th

April 4th

2018 - January 20th

Dec 25th (yes, Christmas)

Dec 15th

Dec 5th

  • All game sections removed
  • Hanteo sales (kpop) removed

Sep 19th

  • Quick fix on "Transliteration from Romanji to Kana" where apostrophes were not working

Sep 16th

Sep 14th

Sep 12nd

Sep 2nd - 6th

Aug 29th

Aug 25th

Aug 24th

  • Tweaks on Games page.
  • Warning on Kpop that Hanteo list will go.

Aug 21th

  • Fix on dummy system (my page), which were causing some pages not to show
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